The Curse of Thorned Glade - a 5e One-Shot

Created by Dren Productions Games

Our brand-new one shot 5e adventure for only $5!

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Two New Adventures Coming Tomorrow!
21 days ago – Mon, Feb 05, 2024 at 09:35:27 AM

In our last campaign, we introduced the setting of Delta Bottom. We are now adding two new adventures for that setting!

Get one or both!

The Dreamwalkers

Everyone in the town of Delta Bottom is in a deep slumber from which they cannot be awoken. To make matters worse, strange creatures seem to be delving into the people's dreams. There is a curse at foot here, but who would want to curse the people of this small fishing town? It is up to the party to find out and put an end to it. 

Life's Blood

The town is experiencing some problems with the water. The fish have all fled, their sacred trees are dying, and the water in all the wells have become undrinkable. The river itself seems to have been tainted by some unknown source. The party will have to find the source of the contamination, and save it from the cult doing Delta Bottom harm.  

Check it out now and get notified when we launch!

Thanks all!


New Adventure Now Live On Kickstarter!
about 2 months ago – Thu, Jan 04, 2024 at 08:31:11 AM

Hey all!

Hope you are having a great start to the new year!

We have a cool new one-shot adventure for you. A Steampunk inspired adventure we are sure you're going to love!

As the players enter a tavern in Delta Bottom, they witness an argument occurring between the mayor and Doctor Ingot. The Doctor storms off, and later that night, the town is attacked by giant automatons.

The party will have to discover the location of Doctor Ingot's workshop, and run through a maze of puzzles and dangers to find Doctor Ingot and prevent him from using his automatons to rain terror on the town.

Head on over now to check it out!

Thanks all!


One More One-Shot This Year!
2 months ago – Tue, Dec 19, 2023 at 07:07:51 AM

Hey all, 

We hope you are all enjoying your holiday celebrations!

We're going to have one more one-shot 5e adventure for you to close out the year. Just like with our other digital one-shot adventures, we're going to run this campaign for a week, and we're going to send the files out to you within a few weeks.

This latest one is for a mid-level group, and involves fighting a bunch of automatons and finding their way through a very steampunk-inspired dungeon. We call it The Madness of Doctor Ingot

Along with the adventure, we're also going to give you a brand-new campaign setting of the river town of Delta Bottom, which you can use for further adventures. 

So, head on over and check it out now, and follow the project so you know as soon as we launch!

Thanks all!


Pledge Manager Open
4 months ago – Tue, Nov 07, 2023 at 05:55:20 AM

We had hoped to get approval over the weekend, however, we got it late last night. So, once we saw we had approval to send out the pledge manager, we sent it out this morning!

Here is the deal, ladies and gentlemen, we will be locking all pledges each evening this week. The downloads are all ready to go, so once the orders are locked, they will be sent out to you. This means, if you fill out the pledge manager today, you can have your adventure tonight!

That being said, we also have less than 24 hours left in our next campaign (which you may have seen the update about already). If you'd like to snag a couple more adventures to use, plus a setting guide, then head on over today, before it's too late!

Thanks all!


Last Chance for Our New Holiday Adventures
4 months ago – Tue, Nov 07, 2023 at 05:47:03 AM

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know we have less than 24 hours left on our Holiday Adventures campaign. We have two exciting new adventures with a holiday theme for you that we will be delivering in just a couple of weeks! You and your players can face down some armored polar bears, and mutant reindeer in these two great adventures set in the small village of Snowflake Haven. Plus, we are giving away free and additional one-page adventure that ties into these, as well as a short guide to Snowflake Haven. A big bang for your buck!

Head on over and check it out before it's too late.

Thanks all!